TANGIBLE By Jeremy Kost Now Live!

As you may know, my Instagram account (@jeremykost) seems to have taken on a little life of it’s own in the moments following the release of Fractured.  As time passed, I’ve realized that a number of ‘fans’ haven’t been able to afford my work, even at it’s lowest levels.  I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and in an effort to democratize my art practice and allow those fans the opportunity to own unique works at a super affordable price.

I’ve decided to create an initiative (in partnership with Spreesy and the Lower East Side Print Shop) called TANGIBLE by Jeremy Kost and available at WWW.TANGIBLEBYJEREMYKOST.COM

I honestly never really thought about my Instagram images as artworks but realized that they were truly composed, resolved images with a specific voice and purpose.  That said, every image that I post on Instagram is going to be available as a signed, UNIQUE 8” x 8” pigment print on the same paper that I make my larger works.  One print will be available for sale,  with one artist’s proof going to the subject depicted in the image, and one going to a mega archive that I will keep for myself.
Priced at $100 shipped ($40 for international), they are going to be super inexpensive as a means of getting the work to the fans who might not be able to afford my work otherwise…

There is only one of each available for sale, so don’t wait!

Some examples of the prints are here below!